Annual Administrative Report 2020

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4 May 2021

Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR) specializes in observing the human rights refugee situation and issuing periodic publications on mass violations. It seeks to raise awareness and conduct international advocacy to ensure the right to human dignity in the countries of asylum until the refugees’ voluntary, dignified, and safe return to their country of origin. 
ACHR conducted multiple activities in 2020 related to human rights for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. 

Since its official launch in 2019 and after a series of voluntary activities and research on refugee needs, ACHR adopted human rights documentation activities, focusing on shedding light and advocating for refugee issues by producing reports, statements, awareness campaigns and international advocacy to pressure the Lebanese Government andpresent recommendations that are in line with the international laws that Lebanon adheres to before the international community. 

To review ACHR 2020 Annual Administrative Report:

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