Who are we?

Access Center for Human Rights ACHR is a non-profit and non-governmental human rights organization founded in Lebanon in 2017, and was re-established in France in 2020, and consists of a group of human rights defenders with experience in law and local and international advocacy. ACHR launched its activities in Lebanon, due to its belief in supporting refugee rights, at a time of a rise in serious violations against them. ACHR is specialized in monitoring and documenting the refugees’ human rights situation and publishes periodic publications with the aim of raising awareness and contributing to national and international advocacy efforts to ensure the refugees’ rights in the countries of asylum until their voluntary, dignified, and safe return to their country of origin.

The needs of freedom of opinion and expression

Support mechanisms for expressing opinions and issues in the media.

Legal representation procedures

Appointing attorneys those whose rights have been violated by the authorities and security agencies to secure their personal safety.

Accountability mechanisms

Documenting human rights violations and mobilizing local and international public opinion to raise existing violations and enable victims to access local judiciary.

Prevention/protection mechanisms

Raising violations through awareness and dialogue to confront and limit discriminatory practices and incitement and building a culture that respects and protects rights and freedoms.


Individuals demanding safe residency outside the borders of their homeland.

Arbitrarily arrested

Individuals whose liberty has been withheld without a confirmed crime before official and unofficial powers present on the Lebanese territories.

Personal safety needs

Ensuring the right to live in safety, the right to housing, freedom of movement, and guaranteeing their legal and social application.

Decent work needs

Ensuring justice and human dignity within the permissible legal framework.

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