We envision a world where refugees’ fundamental rights are safeguarded until justice prevails in their home countries. 



We expose human rights violations against refugees and advocate for accountability.
We advocate to strengthen global solidarity with refugees and to foster sustainable solutions for unity among diverse communities. 

Strategic Goals

Raising awareness of refugee rights violations

  • Monitoring and documenting human rights violations in host countries; 
  • Publishing victim testimonies and in-depth reports on violations of international human rights law; 
  • Disseminating news of violations and encouraging the sharing of human rights defenders’ experiences.   


Taking part in legal and political advocacy efforts

  • Participating in international advocacy efforts to influence changes in public policies; 
  • Supporting engagement in accountability measures and enhance avenues for achieving justice; 
  • Drafting and submitting complaints to the United Nations Special Procedures  

Championing refugee rights

  • Supporting refugee human rights defenders and individuals at risk; 
  • Launching media campaigns to rectify public perceptions of refugee-related issues; 
  • Exposing government practices and decisions impacting refugees.  




Empowering host communities and influence decision-makers

  • Providing accurate information and facts to civil society, the private sector, decision-makers and international institutions to foster a deeper understanding of refugee issues; 
  • Providing recommendations and future plans to deal with refugee return issues in order to find sustainable solutions.   



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