Ensure that refugee rights are provided until their safe, dignified, and voluntary return.



Contribute to the protection of refugee rights and address host community issues.

Strategic Goals

Protection of refugee victims of human rights violations


– Observe and document human rights violations.

– Awareness on the situation and issues of refugees in host countries.

– Provide legal assistance and support to refugees when necessary.




Contribute to the support of human rights defenders, whether individuals or groups

– Create a space for defenders’ activities within the center and/or through partners.

– Assist them in submitting complaints to the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council

– Provide them with the necessary tools and information to continue their human rights and media activities.


Expand advocacy on refugee rights issues


– Cooperation with institutions/entities with similar principles and human rights activities and provide them with the necessary information on refugees from the field.

– Build partnerships with human rights institutions/entities and human rights defenders.



Support host communities and provide recommendations to relevant entities

– Make accurate information available to civil society, the private sector, decision-makers, and international institutions with the aim of helping them understand refugee issues in an informative manner.

– Assist civil society, the private sector, decision-makers, and international institutions in building agendas and policies that limit human rights violations in host countries.

– Find solutions and plans to deal with topics related to refugee returns.

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