UPR – Civil Society Report – Lebanon

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2 February 2021

A coalition of approximately 50 civil society organizations in Lebanon produced reports and concrete information on human rights violations in the country and called for fair and equal policies on all levels. The Universal Periodic Review allows non-governmental actors, especially civil society organizations, to ensure the mitigation of human rights violations to the extent possible. 

The coalition of civil society organizations launched the reports concurrently to the third round of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) for Lebanon in early January 2021. The coalition included approximately 56 organizations and actors from active civil society, and 12 reports were produced. 

Among the human rights violations reports is a report on the rights of Syrian refugees, in which the Access Center for Human Rights participated. It touched upon the most prominent rights of Syrian refugees and the violations they face in Lebanon, while providing recommendations to the relevant authorities. The coalition also produced a report on the rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. 

To view the report on “Syrian refugee rights”, the following link:

To view the report on “Palestinian refugee rights”, the following link:

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