Statement condemning the assassination of Lokman Slim

15 February 2021

We the undersigned individuals, human rights organizations, and cultural institutions are devastated and enraged by the assassination of our colleague Lokman Slim, the political activist, writer, and filmmaker. Lokman Slim, founder of Dar al-Jadeed, UMAM D&R, and Hayya Bina, embodied the way political and cultural work go hand in hand, dedicating his life to archiving, research, education and the arts. We are in mourning together with his wife Monika Borgmann, the Slim family and his friends. We reiterate our solidarity with the organizations he founded, and we collectively commit to continue the work of culture, legal advocacy, and justice which he dedicated his life to cultivating in this country.

Lokman Slim’s tragic death is an unfathomable loss for our community and our country. We categorically condemn his assassination. Lokman Slim’s life work was the struggle to defy the regimes of impunity, amnesia, and cyclical violence that continue to beset this country. His brutal killing will not stop that work. It emboldens our commitment to free political work as a necessary condition of living together in dignity. Rasha Al-Ameer stated clearly and we repeat: the instigators and perpetrators are known.

We demand justice.

This assassination has reignited the fears of many, at a time of extreme uncertainty in Lebanon. We refuse to allow that fear to take root. We will continue to work for systemic change and dream of a more just society, where we can live in freedom and dignity. We are united in our condemnation and reunited in these values embodied by Lokman Slim.

1- UMAM Documentation & Research
2- Dar al-Jadeed
3- Hayya Bina
4- Workers in Arts and Culture
5- Temporary Art Platform
6- Bidayyat for audio visual arts
7- Beirut DC Association
8- Maqamat Beitelraqs
9- Ettijahat – Independent Culture
10- Zico house
11- Arab Image Foundation
12- Sursock Museum
13- Zoukak Theatre Company
14- Ashkal Alwan
16-Beirut Art Center
17-CLown Me In
18- Sfeir-Semler Gallery
19- Metropolis Cinema
20 – Haven For Artists
21- The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture
22- YAZAN Association
23- Galerie Tanit
24- Shams Association
25- Fondation Liban Cinema
26- Kamel Lazaar Foundation
27- Samandal Comics
28-Dar Onboz
29- Nadi Lekol Nas
30- Association ibrik el zeit atelier
31- Decostamine Initiative
32- Centre for Defending Civil Rights & Liberties
33- Cedar Centre for Legal Studies
34- NUON ORG for peace building
35- Justice et Egalité pour le Liban
36- Temporary Autonomous Museum for All
37-Beirut’s biennial for the image BIB
38- Albedo Creative Platform
39- warche 13
40- Joumana Haddad freedoms Center
41- Dictaphone Group
42- Koon Theater Group
43- Journal Safar
44-  Society of False Witnesses
45- Beirut Art Residency
46-HuMENA for Human Rights and Civic Engagement
47- Collectif Kahraba
48- Hammana Artist House
49 – Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR)