Lebanon Civil Society Submission to the 14th Session of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

26 July 2021

The Anti-Racism Movement, endorsed by a number of civil society organizations including Access Center for Human Rights, submitted a report on the situation of migrants and refugees in Lebanon, to the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 14 July 2021, in response to Lebanon’s reports dated 14 December 2018,  

The report provides an overview of the situation of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, specifically with regards to violations of their rights to just and favourable remuneration, to freedom of peaceful assembly and association and to equal treatment before the courts. The report also responds to the Lebanese government’s claims of “positive reforms” in their submission. It then presents the situation of Syrian refugees, focusing on deportations and returns, freedom of movement and right to housing. Finally, the report outlines labour regulations and the legally mandated exclusion of Syrians and Palestinians in most professions. 

To view the report in full: