The Struggle in the Falsehood of Human Rights

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Paris – 1 April 2020

Us Syrians are forever in debt to the world for what we have provided them. We were a valuable experiment for the countries that sought to test their military and security capabilities. We continue to be a good experiment for the economic development of countries that hosted us in fabric camps which they called “refugee housing”. We were a great argument for any catastrophic failure in State politics and the justification for its citizens’ disappointments and the largest part of Syria remains a battlefield for States settling accounts between one another, while the other part of Syria was occupied. 

Human rights in our country are “missing”, searching for these rights is “forbidden” and working on them is “a crime punishable by law.” This is a summary of the definition of human rights in our country where human rights defenders are forced to carefully contemplate entering a battlefield for basic rights inherent in humanity.

            The belief and work in the human rights field is a true struggle in the search for ways to live, everyone should know them and know how to claim them from ruling authorities and struggle to obtain them. We cannot compare the respect for human rights in our country to other countries in the world, because the tools of repression differ from one country to another, and from one continent to another except for the middle east where it is quite similar, at least in the methods used to repress the freedom of opinion and expression.

            With our absolute belief in our rights as “refugees”, we took our first steps in establishing “Access Center for Human Rights” in July 2017. It was undoubtedly a difficult phase causing an indisputable concern in our decision to establish such a project. However, the moral support and assistance that we received from dozens of friends who are human rights defenders from multiple countries played a huge role in pushing us to move forward to get ACHR on its desired path, and these people played a great role in what we have accomplished.

            Thus, “Access Centre for Human Rights” raises awareness on human rights violations against Syrian refugees in Lebanon, seeks to make the voices of refugees loudly heard and supports them as it can. ACHR also seeks to provide defenders with mechanisms to defend fundamental rights and freedoms, given that advocacy as individuals and as groups is essential in achieving any change in Lebanon’s policies regarding its treatment of fleeing refugees in search of a safe space attempting to survive.

This report is simple in its form and content, but behind every word there are long stages that we underwent to overcome the enormous psychological pressures. This report was produced by the ACHR family, a team of young men and women with complete faith in the ability of the youth in changing the world, with limited experience following a bitter experience of working on institutionalizing the “Access Center for Human Rights.” For this reason, we persist with this work to achieve our goals, regardless of how long it takes. 

The war will end one day, and every refugee will return home, and on the other side, there will be someone trying to “access human rights.”

Mohammad HASAN  – The Founder and Director of ACHR

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