Annual Report 2019

This report was produced to summarize the activities of  “ACHR in Lebanon for the year 2019

ACHR has always been focused on raising legal awareness among refugees in camps, as well as, monitoring and documenting human rights violations against refugees fleeing Syria, highlighting and advocating for collective refugee cases that affect personal integrity, decent work, freedom of movement and the right to form peaceful associations. ACHR was able to collect primary data that allowed it to design additional projects serving its goals, in order to establish a work methodology and enable a team of expertise its field of work.

            The Center first began its work in 2018 with volunteer activities following several months of planning meetings. Initially, its founders provided legal support in Syrian refugee camps in the Bekaa region, before officially its launching at the beginning of 2019 upon receiving its first funding in December 2018 (more information in the following sections). This funding, in turn, allowed ACHR to support formal operational expenses and establish the Legal Support Unit, which mainly conducted legal awareness sessions in refugee camps and provided legal consultations to many refugees. Additionally, ACHR followed closely the issue of forced deportations of Syrian refugees from Lebanon beginning in 2019, ultimately creating a concentrated media campaign to shed light on the various international treaties and laws Lebanon was breaking with these proceedings. Following this, the center launched the Monitoring and Documentation Unit in June 2019, establishing the first database of human rights violations faced by Syrians in Lebanon as well as publishing an in-depth report on the forced deportations of Syrian refugees from Lebanon.

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