The Annual Report on the Prominent Human Rights Violations Against Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

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Beirut – May 25, 2022

Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR) launched a series of interactive activities with activists and human rights defenders, with a focus on documenting violations directly with victims, publishing dozens of reports and press releases of interest to public opinion and the international community, and focusing mainly on arbitrary detention, torture, and ill-treatment, arbitrary deportation and other grave abuses. 

This report aims to shed light on the violations that Syrian refugees have been subjected to in Lebanon during  2021, by reviewing the primary information from monitoring and documenting the various human rights violations affecting refugees.  

This report comes in light of a severe economic deterioration that affects most of the population in Lebanon, in addition to escalations in the official discourse to return refugees to Syria, exercised by the Lebanese authorities and political parties. 

Thus, Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR) finds it extremely important to present the activities of monitoring and documenting violations against Syrian refugees to study their human rights situation in Lebanon, especially to mobilize local and international advocacy efforts with the aim of improving the human rights situation in the region by putting pressure on the actors concerned with refugee affairs in Lebanon at the national and international levels to take the necessary measures and policies that secure refugee rights and protection. 

To view the annual report on the most prominent human rights violations against Syrian refugees in Lebanon: 

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