Brief on the Conditions of Refugees Detained in Lebanon: Unfair Trials, Torture, and Ill-treatment

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Lebanon: March 2022

The present brief is a simplified summary on the findings of Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR)’s research paper on the conditions of Syrian refugees held by Lebanese authorities, which explains the difficult conditions in places of detention and the methods of investigation and interrogation, as well as the results of trials that are not based on evidence, particularly cases of those who do not have the opportunity to hire defense lawyers at their own expense. The necessity of working on the research paper came to ACHR after releasing several reports in the past years on the human rights violations against Syrian refugees in Lebanon, as torture, ill-treatment and methods of arrest and detention are key priority issues ACHR is working on.

Arbitrary arrest and detention are some of the most prominent violations Syrians are subjected to in Lebanon, whether the arrests take place at their workplaces, their homes, government institutions, or security checkpoints in Lebanon. In 2021, ACHR recorded 139 individual cases of arbitrary arrest and 25 cases during 2020, of which six are collective cases.
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