The short documentary film “Wamda – ومْضة”

Human rights defenders and journalists are still paying the expensive price of defending rights and public freedoms as they continue to be subjected to pressures from the Lebanese authorities, as well as interventions from political parties and blocs, which hinders their ability to conduct their activities, spread their message across the world and push the relevant actors to intervene in cases of human rights violations. With that being said, protecting human rights defenders and securing a safe space for civil society are essential for the promotion of public freedoms and the advancement of society. 

The short documentary film “Wamda – ومْضة” sheds light on the violations against Syrian refugee human rights defenders in Lebanon, and the challenges and pressures they face while conducting their legal, journalistic and/or humanitarian work, despite local laws and international agreements guaranteeing their right to conduct their activities in a safe environment. 

ومْضة – Wamda

The film focuses on the real stories of four Syrian refugee activists in the human rights sectors, previously documented by Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR) during its work in observing the human rights situation of refugees in Lebanon, and the name “Wamda” refers to the struggles of Syrian refugees that cannot be restricted in a documentary film production. Wamda was produced by ACHR with the contribution of a group of human rights defenders that had participated in a workshop organized by ACHR during 2020 regarding “the strategy of protection and advocacy for human rights defenders in Lebanon” with support from Lifeline and Freedom House. For media coverage, interested institutions may contact our staff via general e-mail:

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