Job Opportunity : Researcher

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– Please submit your application through the following link:
– Only applications submitted through this link will be considered. 
– Application deadline: 16 August 2021 at 00:00 AM EEST (midnight)


Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR) is a non-profit and non-governmental human rights organization based in Beirut and Paris, founded in 2017 in Lebanon, and re-established in France in 2020, and includes a group of activists with experience in law, as well as local and international advocacy.  

ACHR launched its activities in Lebanon, due to its belief in supporting refugee rights, at a time of a rise in serious violations against them. ACHR is specialized in observing the human rights refugee situation and publishes periodic publications on mass violations with the aim of raising awareness and international advocacy to ensure the right to human dignity in the countries of asylum until their voluntary, dignified, and safe return to their country of origin. 


The Researcher will be responsible to carry out comprehensive research and contribute to the overall production of written content using ACHR research methodologies and its database analysis. The Researcher will work under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator of M&D unit and the overall supervision of the Program Manager and will be carrying out her/his duties in accordance with ACHR mandate and technically coordinating with the field team.   

Contract Period: until the end of December 2021, with possibility of one year extension. 
Contract Type: full time contract, with 1-month probation review period. 
Location: Remote work with possibility of travel.   


  1. Undertake desk review and/or interview with various stakeholders to get first-hand practical experiences. 
  2. Conduct desk research on the relevant matters of the studies, academic research, historical research, and other relevant materials. 
  3. Assist in executing planned conferences, meetings, and symposiums. 
  4. Prepare and draft data, papers, and reports on violations cases. 
  5. Perform analysis of information in the database. 
  6. Develop methodologies and research work policies and develop an accurate action plan. 
  7. Maintain contact with victims, their families, lawyers, or other relevant sources to inform them of the developments of the cases, the confidentiality, privacy, and safety of the victims. 
  8. Assist the project coordinator to follow up on the implementation of the workflow, according to the tasks assigned; and 
  9. Perform other relevant project related tasks according to the request of ACHR. 


Education and Experience:  

  • Bachelor’s degree, law, or related fields; the degree may not be required if applicant has demonstrated that he/she has extensive experience in research and documentation. 
  • Demonstrated depth of experience and effectiveness preferably in a research context in working with community/grassroots people and organizations. 
  • Fluency in English and in Arabic is essential. 

Soft Skills: 

  • Excellent research writing and editing skills;  
  • Excellent legal analytical skills; 
  • Strong organizational and programmatic skills  
  • Able to take initiative and work well independently and as part of a team  
  • Remote management skills. 
  • Coordination skills, problem solving, and flexibility in dealing with the team 

Technical Skills:

  • Comfort with using email/Zoom/ MS Teams and instant messaging as a primary means of communication is a must. 
  • Good computer skills, including knowledge of Word and Excel.  

Working conditions:

  • The possibility of working outside office hours. “important” 
  • The possibility of frequent travel outside Lebanon. 
  • The possibility of working under pressure. “important” 


  • Accuracy of research content  
  • Proficiency in drafting content in both Arabic and English  
  • The ability to develop and adhere to an action plan. 
  • Periodic reports that are submitted to the supervising manager. 

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