The Lebanese Ministry of Education did not respond to the messages of “ACHR” ..

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Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR) Issued a report summarizing the difficulties faced by Syrian students in Lebanon and which contradict the decisions of the Ministry of Education. ACHR published its report on 26/November/2019 on social media and sent a private email to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, recommending the Ministry to monitor its administrative circulars and schools, as well as to find urgent solutions that would help students obtain their graduation certificates and complete their enrollment in Lebanese public schools.

And until now, ” ACHR” continues to receive many complaints from Syrian students who were unable to obtain official certificates of middle and high school graduation, which hindered the completion of their enrollment for the current year, The letter addressed to the Ministry on 3/12/2019 was accompanied by a message from the President of “ACHR”, lawyer Mr. Mohamed Zein El Abidine Araji:

“Compassionately with what is stated in the report addressed to the Ministry of Education, it is necessary to draw the attention of the General Director of the Ministry, given his position in the work hierarchy, to the center’s full trust in the Ministry’s wisdom in terms of taking into account a very important and sensitive issue, which is the delivery of official certificates to students. In particular, the failure to receive certificates affects negatively the future of a significant segment of Syrian students, as they are deprived from completing their school years, whether in Lebanese schools or back in their homeland. It is important to mention that the issues related to legal residency are one of the main obstacles to obtain graduation certificates.

Therefore, the Center is examining on your side the extent of the current and future harm vis a vis student, when depriving them of their certificates and violating the legal residency system, which will have a major impact in the future not only on them but also on their families.

For this reason, we came to you to raise this matter in order to be taken as a priority, given that the task of ensuring and preserving the students’ educational future is your responsibility, and there is no doubt that you can settle this matter.
With many thanks…”

Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR) is very concerned about Syrian Refugees’ issues in Lebanon, and considers that the right education needs more support, and calls on the Ministry of Education in the government to play its role in monitoring the decisions of the Ministry of Labor, and facilitate granting Syrian students certificates and official statements. It also calls on facilitating the process of completing the registration of new students, or who wish to complete their classes in advanced stages as soon as possible.

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