Mohammad Hasan

A journalist and Human Rights Defender, is based in France and holds a degree in Radio and TV from the Communications and Media Department at the Lebanese International University. He worked as an independent journalist with various local and international media outlets since 2015, he working on documenting human rights violations since 2014 with a focus on Syrian issues, and he has played a critical role in organizing media and advocacy campaigns for internally displaced people in Syria and refugees in diaspora. He has also founded several civil society initiatives in Lebanon and Syria.


O. has a degree in Physics and a certificate in Business Administration from Aleppo University. He has coordinated and managed many social, developmental, and civil projects and participated in several international and local conferences related to Syrian affairs and refugee issues.


Graduated in Banking Accountancy in 2014 from Damascus University, she is a founding member of the Shee Production company, with experience in financial and accounting non-profit management and accounting laws in general. She previously worked for more than three years with a number of private institutions in the fields of marketing and public relations, training design, as well as financial and administrative coordination and financial auditing and annual reports for projects.


Human rights activist with a bachelor’s in law from the University of Aleppo and field work experience with refugees dating to 2013, in addition to his experience in legal support on personal status and land law, and in coordination of development and peacebuilding initiatives for host and refugee communities. Additionally, he previously worked as a teacher and director at a school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.   


Holder of a bachelor’s in biochemistry from the Lebanese University and a bachelor’s in graphic design from the Lebanese International University. He has over 10 years of experience in design, working in media production with Arab and International magazines, and as a graphic designer with various companies, organizations, and universities, notably the American University of Beirut.


Human rights activist and architect. He previously studied Radio and TV at the Lebanese International University. He worked with Syrian refugees in Syrian and Palestinian camps between 2012 and 2016 on legal support and issues pertaining to relief, education, and labour, as well as contributed to the production of multiple human rights studies with organizations in Lebanon.


He has a degree in Arabic and Politics from the University of Leeds and an MA in law from the University of Law. He has worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross in Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia. He has significant experience of documenting human rights violations which occurred in Syria and in neighboring countries and has also supported the International Criminal Court’s prosecution of war crimes committed in Darfur. He has worked for a number of different rights-focused NGOs and is pursuing an LLM at the University of London.


He is a human rights defender who’s currently seeking a PhD in International Studies. He holds a BA in English literature and an MA degree in Peace and Conflict. His commitment to advocating for refugees’ rights has been shaped by years of experience in peacebuilding and education management in Syria and Lebanon.
Having been forcibly displaced from his hometown in Syria, he channeled his passion for justice and compassion for refugees into developing his leadership skills and into co-founding several NGOs and initiatives. Since 2016, he has been raising awareness about Syria and advocating for the rights and well-being of Syrian refugees around the world


She is a human rights activist based in the United Kingdom holds a BA in Political Science and International Affairs from the Lebanese American University (LAU). She has experience in different areas such as peacekeeping and building as she worked with the USIP, also she is a research assistant at the MEI based in Washington, United States.


She is now writing her thesis for her master’s in international and geopolitical studies. She has experience in emergency situations and in supporting refugees: in the last 6 years, she has been working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon on field support, monitoring, and advocacy. She has also worked with refugees and asylum seekers in Italy, Palestine, European borders, Ukraine during the war, and as a researcher in Lebanon and Turkey, on Syria and refugees issues.”

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