Mohammad Hasan – Executive Director

Mohammad HASAN, a journalist and human rights activist, is based in France and holds a degree in Radio and TV from the Communications and Media Department at the Lebanese International University. He has over 8 years of experience as an independent journalist, contributing to various local and international media outlets since 2015, with a focus on Syrian issues. Mohammad is highly regarded for his expertise in documenting human rights violations since 2014, and he has played a critical role in organizing media and advocacy campaigns for internally displaced people in Syria and refugees in diaspora. He has also founded several civil society initiatives in Lebanon and Syria.

Mohammad has held various positions throughout his career, including serving as the coordinator for the delegation of human rights defenders for refugees in Lebanon and previously as a member of the Steering Committee of the Voices for Displaced Syrians Forum – VDSF. Currently, he serves as a member of the Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism – SIRAJ Advisory Council and as a Board Member of Frontline for Change – FFC He is also a member of several international organizations specializing in the protection of journalists and human rights defenders, such as the International Federation of Journalists – IFJ, Front-Line Defenders – FLD, Reports Without Borders – RSF, and the Syrian Journalists Association – SJA.

S.T– Programs Manager

Graduated from the Lebanese University with a BA in French Literature and is currently writing her thesis for her MA in Cultural Mediation. In parallel, she led a career in the cultural sector, which she launched in 2017 as an administrative coordinator at Hammana Artist House and Collectif Kahraba, where she stayed until 2020. In 2018, she was on the production team of the Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival. Her interest in arts as a medium for cultural reconciliation led her to participate in the Caux Peace Building and Leadership Program in July 2018 in Switzerland, where she received a certificate of completion. In 2020, she will take a position as a Project Manager of the “Creative Arts for Peace and Equality” project in Clown Me In; a project focused on building capacities through art and dedicated to refugees in over 10 Lebanese towns. Afterward, she occupied the position of Fundraising Expert for the IIVVSS project in the same organization. She accompanies many artists in writing their grant proposals and artistic concepts. She also has an extensive experience in translation from and in English, Arabic, and French. In 2022, in parallel to her work in the cultural sector, she will work as a communication coordinator in a sub-contract with the UNDP and Oxfam Communication Consultant. Her work contributed to the launching of the first UNDP Renewable Energy podcast. She is now a Project Coordinator at Access Center for Human Rights, primarily focusing on Syrian refugee rights in Lebanon and means to advocate for human rights.

O.M– Project Coordinator

O. has a degree in Physics and a certificate in Business Administration from Aleppo University. He has coordinated and managed many social, developmental, and civil projects and participated in several international and local conferences related to Syrian affairs and refugee issues.

L.A – Accountant

Graduated in Banking Accountancy in 2014 from Damascus University, Lubna is a founding member of the Shee Production company, with experience in financial and accounting non-profit management and accounting laws in general. She previously worked for more than three years with a number of private institutions in the fields of marketing and public relations, training design, as well as financial and administrative coordination and financial auditing and annual reports for projects.

Saleh Malass – Research

A Syrian journalist, studied law at Jordan’s Yarmouk University, produced several journalistic materials related to issues of human rights violations during the armed conflict in Syria and focused his work on matters of real estate ownership and its relationship to the rights of women, forced absentees, reconstruction and the return of refugees, as well as on the course of judicial accountability. 

E.K – Field coordinator 

Human rights activist with a bachelor’s in law from the University of Aleppo and field work experience with refugees dating to 2013, in addition to his experience in legal support on personal status and land law, and in coordination of development and peacebuilding initiatives for host and refugee communities. Additionally, he previously worked as a teacher and director at a school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.   

D.K – Field Officer

Freelance journalist/researcher graduated from Damascus university, majored in media and journalism worked with several local journals writing and editing articles.
worked as a researcher with several institutions and in different research fields. Worked on several projects as an expert in archiving Syrian oral history. With long experience in working with civil society organizations majored in campaigning and designing advocacies through developing research and studying communities in order to plan for advocacy campaigns.

Zain Alabdin Ali – Database Officer

Human rights activist and architect based in Mexico. He previously studied Radio and TV at the Lebanese International University. He worked with Syrian refugees in Syrian and Palestinian camps between 2012 and 2016 on legal support and issues pertaining to relief, education, and labour, as well as contributed to the production of multiple human rights studies with organizations in Lebanon.

I.A – Multimedia designer

Holder of a bachelor’s in biochemistry from the Lebanese University and a bachelor’s in graphic design from the Lebanese International University. He has over 10 years of experience in design, working in media production with Arab and International magazines, and as a graphic designer with various companies, organizations, and universities, notably the American University of Beirut.

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