A Year After the Beirut Port Explosion, A needs Assessment for Syrian Refugees Impacted by the Beirut Port Explosion

4 August 2021

4 August 2020 was not a regular day for the Lebanese capital, Beirut transformed that day to a disaster-stricken city filled with sadness and destruction as a result of the port explosion and its tragic repercussions on the capital and its residents.

A year has passed since the disaster and the most horrific of human losses it caused. The explosion resulted in more than 200 casualties, injured 6,500 others, and destroyed part of the historic heart of Beirut, damaging nearly 9,200 buildings, including 73,000 apartments, and as a result, 219,000 of its residents were affected. Moreover, nearly 70,000 workers lost their jobs, which had direct negative impacts on the living conditions of at least 12,000 families.

This report provides an overview of the main international support that Lebanon received as a result of the explosion, while shedding light on the biggest challenges that accompanied the provision of aid and explains the struggles of Syrian refugees that were affected by the explosion over the past year.

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