Media Officer


• Please send the application to entitled: “Media Officer/Applicant Name”. 
• Please add contact information (name, email and phone number) of two referees name. 
Only completed applications will be considered and contacted. 
• Application deadline is October 8, 2020. Any application submitted later will not be considered. 


ACHR is seeking a media officer to provide overall, strategic communication needs of the organization and direct support and contribution to its media plans based on the publication and content released from the Monitoring and Documentation Unit.

The Media Officer will be responsible to establish and manage an effective and wide-ranging program of communication and information sharing in order to make progress towards the achievement of ACHR’s objectives. S/he will be responsible to organize the activities of the organization. Primary focus is on seminars, conferences, some specific campaigns and liaison with research programs and networking.

S/he will directly report to ACHR’s Programs Manager and working under the overall supervision of the Executive Director; in addition to technically work very closely with the M&D team on technical/program-specific advocacy and communications initiatives.

The scope of work of this position includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

• Managing and utilizing ACHR’s communication assets (webpage, e-newsletter, Facebook page, etc.) to enable strategic and effective communication and circulation of all ACHR released content.
• Writing/copyediting press releases, news articles and content marketing for ACHR’s newsletter and website as well as external media/news outlet
• Assisting in creating visual products based on text-based knowledge products and other strategic evidence (i.e., infographic, videos, etc.)
• Contributing to organizing advocacy campaigns with our partners on violations against Syrian refugees in Lebanon;
• Helping out our team in arranging meetings with national decision makers to echo policy recommendations;
• Supporting in production of press releases and statements about the organization’s work and its stance with respect to situations witnessed regarding refugees;
• Coordinating with media outlets which covers our latest activities and releases; and
• Contributing through publications such as flyers and booklets to raising awareness among refugees on legal support.

Qualifications required:

• Age between 25 and 40  years.
• Education: Preferably, bachelor’s degree in media studies or related fields; the degree may not be required if applicant has demonstrated that he/she has extensive experience in media work and advocacy.
• Experience: At least two years’ work experience in a similar job position or media work with media outlets and/or NGOs.

Skills and abilities:

• Remote management skills.
• Fluency in managing social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
and other related supporting applications, including their analytic platform
• Experience in video editing and deign “desirable”
• Experience in design and editing programs is an important addition.
• Coordination skills, problem solving, and flexibility in dealing with the team “very important”.

Working conditions:

• The possibility of working outside office hours “important”  
• The possibility of frequent travel outside Lebanon.
• The possibility of working under pressure. “important”

Evaluation criteria:

• Accuracy and digital content management.
• Proficiency in drafting content in both Arabic and English
• Access to media coverage of urgent reports and campaigns.
• The ability to develop and adhere to an action plan.
• Periodic reports that are submitted to the supervising manager.

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