Follow-up on the deportation of #Syrian refugees from Beirut airport

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30 April 2019
Lebanon – Beirut

After the deportation of 18 Syrian #refugees on the 26th of April 2019. They were taken out of the borders of # Lebanon, the Masnaa point, 5 refugees are still stranded on the border waiting for any serious interference in their case, and we have lost contact with other refugees without Find out their destination after taking them out of #Lebanon.

We have received confirmed #information about the arrival of two refugees who were deported in the last two days (29-28 April 2019) from Beirut airport who were arriving from #Turkey, and among the refugees who were detained at the #Turkish Cypriot airport.

We have contacted the international community to pursue the #issue of these refugees and to communicate with the Lebanese authorities to allow refugees to enter Lebanon again #legally and under the protection of the Office of the #United_Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (#UNHCR) in Lebanon, regarding that (UNHCR) are doing their part with the #follow-up of the case since the first hours of the deportation.

We would like to point out that there are many refugees who have been deported outside the Lebanese borders continuously in the same way as these refugees at Beirut #airport, but we were not able to monitor all of them.

Those who are following the case with “Access Center for Human Rights” (ACHR) are:
– (CLHD) CLDH – Lebanese Center for Human Rights
– ALEF- act for human rights
– Syrian American Council

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