Syrian refugees deported from Beirut Airport to the Masnaa borders gateway

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LEBANON – Beirut
April 26, 2019

Lebanese general security detained a group of refugee women and men last night, Thursday 25th of April 2019. After being forcibly deported from Turkish Cyprus Airport through Istanbul and then Lebanon, they are currently on their way to Syrian Lebanese borders, Masnaa gateway.

About the incident:

After investigation it was clear that the LGS is detaining 18 Syrian refugees 4 of whom are women, after marking their passport with denial entries leaving Lebanon in April 21st 2019 they are now prevented of entering Lebanese territories.

Insider Resources have mentioned that airport security forced the refugees to sign documents stating they are willingly leaving the country. They left to the masnaa border gateway around at 4:30 pm.

Resources also confirmed that the refugee men reminded security of their fears of insecurity problems or even being forced into compulsory army services after fleeing Syria for several years now.

According to the detained refugees, other refugees have left on the 21 to Turkish Cyprus airport attempting to enter Greek territory through UN organizations, seeking safer environments from the increasing pressures and discrimination against Syrians in Lebanon.

In light of ACHR’s concerns of the arbitrary decision of the Lebanese security, an infraction of Lebanon’s commitment is to international laws and declarations, we urge Lebanese authorities to urgently reverse their arbitrary decision and give the detainees temporary resident permits to facilitate their efforts to legally solve this matter.

In addition, we hold the Lebanese ministries of internal affairs and municipalities, the social affairs and of displaced persons accountable and responsible of any harm or threats the refugees might face. We call them to reassess their entry prevention regulations, and remove individuals who have paid their owned penalties off the list giving the recurrent assaults of refugees freedom and safety due to the lack of organization.

Access Center for Human Rights have worked on several airport arbitrary detention in Beirut this year, and documented the forced deportation of 7 Syrian refugees in January of 2019, forcing deportation statements signatures and leaving them at the masnaa border gateway.

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