Update: Beirut Airport detainees released

Tuesday March 12th 2019

On Saturday March 9th 2019, The lebanese security released 4 of the syrian detainees Documented earlier by ACHR, and after thorough investigation with the fifth syrian refugee “M.S” he was later released on Sunday morning in beirut,March 10th 2019

Following our sources, the lebanese general security in beirut rafik al hariri airport transferred the syrian refugees to the GS department in Al Adlieh beirut, after they were in custody at the airport following the turkish authorities rejected their trip to the kurdish region, last Wednesday March 6th 2019.

ACHR notes that it is a constructive move in the Lebanese general security’s policy in dealing with Syrian refugees, hoping to see similar resolutions to avoid putting detainees at any risk or pressuring them to return against their will.