Try to hack accounts “ACHR”

Urgent – Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR):

The website of Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR) was subjected to a hacking attempt several times from a digital ID (IP address) that has been verified from within Lebanon and tried to access the team’s email accounts as well as the database.

“ACHR” confirms that all accounts have been secured and that the attempt to hack them was unsuccessful. 
The “ACHR” team would like to stress that the “ACHR” database is completely separate from the website and is strictly protected.

Important Notice: The team did not receive any e-mail since the morning of Saturday, 8th February 2020. Whoever has contacted us is requested to take under consideration this situation until the digital recovery of the accounts is fully announced through our Social media (“Facebook” and “Twitter”).

All email accounts will be suspended for 24 hours after this post.

ACHR Team 
Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR)
17:30 PM, Tuesday, February 11, 2020